Top Money Saving Tips

Money Saving Tips

If the exchange rate into pounds has got you feeling broke (or as the Brits say, skint), listen up! Here’s our top 6 tips for saving money in the UK.

[su_heading]Pack your lunch or eat lunch at home[/su_heading]

The average Brit spends upwards of £7 per day eating out for lunch. Save yourself £50 each week simply by preparing a lunch in the morning before you head off to university or returning home for a quick bite between classes. Your wallet will thank you!

[su_heading]Attend “Student Nights” at your local bar[/su_heading]

Establishments near universities will often cater to the huge student crowd by offering free/discounted entry, cheap drinks, and fun themes. Do some research online about the various student nights in the bars and clubs near you and plan your nights out accordingly.

[su_heading]Get an NUS Student Card and take it everywhere[/su_heading]

Buy a card from the National Union of Students (NUS) for £12 and you’ll get a 10% discount in loads of shops and restaurants. Ask the cashier if they give student discounts, as it’s not always publicized.

[su_heading]Buy your clothes at charity chops[/su_heading]

Charity shops, or thrift stores, are packed with amazing second-hands clothes and accessories that are often barely worn, vintage, or even new. You’ll be able to restock your wardrobe for practically no cost at all!

[su_heading]Invest in a Railcard[/su_heading]

If you plan on taking the train a lot, a Railcard (£30) will save you 30% off travel. Plus, if you have a bank account with NatWest, they give students 16 – 25 Railcards for free!

[su_heading]Contact the Council[/su_heading]

Council tax (a local government tax) can be over £100 per month, but as a student you’re exempt from paying it. Get in touch with the Council to make sure they’re aware you’re in full-time education.

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