Top Tips on Finding Accommodation for September 2014

Yes, nobody wants to think about flat hunting over the summer, but in most cases, you’ll be living away from home during your time at University. No matter if you’re just about ready to start your first year; or are returning for second and third and haven’t yet found a place to stay, it can be quite stressful not knowing where you’ll be living for the next nine months of your life. But don’t worry, we are here to help if you’re in this situation!

Don’t panic!

Just because you haven’t found a place yet, doesn’t mean you will end up homeless. In some cities (especially London), it is perfectly normal to start looking for a flat only a couple of weeks in advance so don’t spend your days crying over your uncertain fate – just make a plan and stick to it.

Think of your dream place

What kind of accommodation will suit you? A studio flat all to yourself or a cosy room in a student flat-share? Think realistically about your budget and area you want to live in – sometimes it is OK to live what seems far away from uni if the public transport links are good. However, don’t go overboard! Think realistically what can be achieved in terms of your budget – if you don’t have much money to splurge on rent, then I’m afraid the dream of having your own pad is all it’s going to be: a dream. But by having a clear image of what you want and can afford in your mind when you go out flat hunting means you can narrow your search and make your time productive.

Ask your friends

Social media is an extremely powerful force, so check out Twitter, Facebook and maybe even Instagram to search for accommodation. You never know, maybe one of your childhood friends who keeps liking your pictures even though you haven’t seen them in years knows someone nice who is looking for a flatmate? You never know!

Let your uni know

Even if you don’t want to live in halls, many Universities can help you with finding accommodation; whether it’s providing you with a trusted list of landlords, or even putting you in touch with other students looking for a place to live. Have a look on your University website, or visit student services for more information.

Use the power of the Internet

It is 2014 after all and there are websites for everything. Amongst them is us, and we were created by students for students; and we are committed to help finding you the perfect accommodation during your time at University. We have thousands of properties on our website if you and a group of friends are looking at places; or if it’s just a room you’re after, we can help with that too. Simply click on the ‘find housemates’ section on our website, and ‘I need a room’, and you can start searching for spare rooms in your city! To make it even easier for yourself, you can upload your own profile, stating whereabouts you’d like to live, your budget and even your hobbies, so you can find potential compatible housemates.

So you see, you don’t need to despair if you’re still houseless for September! Start being proactive now and you’ll be absolutely fine – stop panicking and enjoy your summer!