Worlds Weirdest Pets

Living in student accommodation generally means no pets which can be really difficult if you’re used to having a household pet at home. Of course, if you do have a pet it’s likely to be a dog or a cat, but those aren’t the only options for pets. Some animal lovers have really extreme pets which you definitely won’t be allowed to keep in rented accommodation!


Yes, it is possible to keep a tiger as a pet. It may sound pretty cool to have a giant cat you could hang out with and keep in your small flat… but let me stop you before you start dreaming about having a real life version of Rajah from Aladdin. The last thing a ridiculous amount of tiger owners find out is that their giant cuddly cat is actually willing to hurt them. If you value your life please stay away from tigers – there’s a reason you aren’t allowed to feed them at the zoo.


I don’t really see the appeal of this one but otters are a possible pet. Otters are JK Rowling’s favourite animal and they’re usually found in rivers or canals. They require a large body of water to live in and can eat up to 25% of their body weight in fish a day – definitely difficult to afford on a student budget, even if your crib did come with a gigantic pool!

Pygmy Goats

If you were lucky enough to get housing with a garden, a pygmy goat is a popular obscure choice. They’re basically just like the goats you’ll have seen in petting zoos as a little kid, but about the size of a cat. They’ll graze all your grass and will try and eat your hair so try and be patient with them. They hate being on their own though, so they’re best kept in groups.


I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve never heard of a Capybara before. Imagine a guinea pig. Okay, now imagine that guinea pig got hit by an enlarging ray and is now a giant 4ft long guinea pig. That’s a Capybara. They’re friendly creatures and basically act like your common household pet. Definitely a great conversation starter for any guests, who they’re sure to love as much as their owners!


This one may sound crazy but contrary to The Scorpion King, some breeds of scorpion are non-lethal and make pretty sweet pets. No good for cuddling and petting but they look cool and live for about 8 years. They’re undeniably one of the craziest insects it’s possible to keep if that’s your thing. Just be careful of their sting, especially if you have a venom allergy!


In recent years celebrities have been joining the pig craze, with stars like David Beckham, Paris Hilton and Rupert Grint getting themselves a cute little piggy friend. Apparently they’re even smarter than dogs and, as my dog has recently figured out how to open the fridge and help himself to the bacon, that must be pretty smart indeed! Try and remember there’s different breeds of pig though; miniature pigs will stay quite small whilst potbellied pigs will grow into giants.


Let’s be honest- you either hate spiders with a vengeance or think they’re adorable badass little critters. If you fall into the latter category you may want to look into getting your own furry 8-legged friend. I mean, I think you have to be crazy to want a giant spider the size of your face around but whatever floats your boat!

There’s really no limit on what animals can be kept as pets, with the exception of endangered and ridiculously dangerous animals. If you can think of it, the odds are that someone somewhere in the world is keeping one as a beloved pet. If you really do want an obscure pet to keep and it’s within your housing contract to keep one, your safest option is probably the mighty stick insect. Sure it sounds like a dumb idea, but they need little care and attention, aren’t upset by loud noises like parties and just pretty much do their own thing. Otherwise, think about how time, dedication and noise levels before deciding on an animal friend!

Written by Isabel Whiteley