Top 10 Universities for Employable Students

So you’ve decided to go to University but now you need to choose where to go! Starting the comparison process can be overwhelming, especially since there’s a lot of information out there for you to consider when choosing a University – beyond which cities have the best student nights, shops and bars of course.

Graduate Employability is a hot topic at the moment, as students are become more conscious of the competition in the current job market; so ideally you’ll want to attend a University that enjoys high rates, and as such, Universities will do everything in their power to convince you that you’ll be guaranteed a job upon graduation!

We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 most employable Universities in the country – somewhere you can go where job prospects are higher. However, it’s worth noting that any kind of employment will be counted here – including a part time job in MacDonald’s. Not exactly promising, but it’s all we’ve got to go on!

Different companies are offering different results, too: according to the Time’s Global Employability Survey, the University of Oxford is the top in the world (overtaking Harvard) with Cambridge third, UCL 13th and University of Edinburgh 15th. However, the list we’ll be presenting with you is that of the Telegraph, with results from the DLHE and trust me; you may be in for a few surprises…

10. Canterbury Christ Church

Students like this University due to its close proximity to London (only one hour away) and Dover, which is just a short ferry ride from France! Not only that, but employment rates are tenth highest in the country at 94% – a reassurance for everyone who studies there!

=9. University of Bristol

The University of Bristol has a lot to shout out about (just take a look on their website!): 84% of students who graduated in 2011 were awarded a 2:1 or a First, £156million has been invested into the University buildings between 2011-2014; AND it’s the ninth top University in the UK for employability rates at 94.4% – impressive!

=9. University of the West of England

Also located in Bristol, this so called ‘polytechnic’ partner to Russell Group University boasts identical employability rates at 94.4%; covering all bases from the academic Business Management and Law to the more creative courses of Scriptwriting and Interior Design.

7. University of Cambridge

It was bound to appear on the list, and with high entry requirements of A*-As, it’s certainly a very prestigious institution. It was also named as the top University by the Guardian, The Times and Complete University Guides 2014. Placing seventh on the most employable Universities is most definitely an achievement too, with 94.9% of students finding employment upon graduation.
6. Cardiff Metropolitan University

Another shocker on this list, 95% of Cardiff Met’s students are employed within six months from graduating. This may be down to the courses on offer, with the majority degrees aimed at a specific area of employment, such as International Tourism & Events Management and Sport Coaching. Nevertheless, the statistics are impressive and prove that not all Metropolitan Universities should be sneered at!

5. University of Newcastle

Newcastle is a popular city for students, with great shopping and even greater nightlife – and that’s not the only thing going for it! 95.2% of graduates find employment, although that comes as no surprise… as a member of the Russell Group, the University of Newcastle has always been thought of very highly.

4. Northampton University

Despite beginning life as a technical college, and only actually becoming a University in 2005, Northampton University has come on in leaps and bounds. Much like Cardiff Met, vocational courses are on offer here including Dance and Games Art, setting students up for a career in a specified industry… and with 95.7% of graduates doing just that; for students who know what they want to do, Northampton seems like a pretty safe bet!

3. Derby University

Sneaking up into third on the list, Derby may seem pretty unassuming – just a small city in the East Midlands. However, Derby University (although offering fairly low entry requirements) is particularly popular for primary school teaching; and with 96.1% of graduates in employment or further education, this unassuming University is not to be dismissed.

2. Glasgow Caledonian University

Priding itself on its modern facilities, Glasgow Caledonian offers a virtual hospital, high-tech broadcasting suite and even a ‘fashion factory’ (equipped with textiles machinery and CAD suites in case you were wondering!). And that’s not the only thing it has to offer… 96.2% of graduates are in employment within six months, making it the second most employable University in the UK!

1. Robert Gordon University

This relatively small University located in Aberdeen – 16,000 students, of which 63% are studying full time – beat all of the Universities in the UK (including Oxford and Cambridge!) to become the most employable University, with 97.7% past students finding a job six months after graduation. Students rate this University too… perhaps it’s time to consider relocating to Aberdeen!

Whilst statistics can provide you with vital information and makes for easy comparison, it doesn’t provide you with everything you want to know. Take the above list as a guide, and ask current and past students what they think of the course they’re on and their job prospects. And ultimately, getting a job is down to you: completing internships and work experience during your time at University will only make you stand out even more than the other graduates applying for the same position as you!

Written by Jess Macdonald