Strangest Easter Traditions Around the World

Easter is the Christian festival and holiday that marks the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is a celebration of spring and of the victory of good over evil. Though mostly religious in nature, there are a number of fun and ridiculous traditions that have been associated with Easter all over the world. Here’s a list of the strangest traditions of the lot: –

Whipping Women- In Czech Republic and Slovakia men walk on the street with sticks decorated with colourful ribbons. These sticks are used to whip women. It is not done out of malice but to promote good health and fertility. I’m not sure if women feel the same way.

Lazy Men- In Poland men are not allowed to help in baking the Easter bread. It is believed that the dough will fall on the man’s moustache making it grey and the dough will not be fit for using anymore. To me it just sounds like an excuse for men to act lazy.

‘Let’s throw pots’ – In Corfu, Greece people throw earthenware like pots and pan out of their window, shattering them to pieces on the street. This is supposedly done to welcome the spring season and the growth of new flowers and plants in new pots. I would be scared to walk on the streets in Corfu during Easter!

It’s the Giant Omelette –In French town of Haux the largest omelette is made in the main town square using over 4500 eggs. The omelette is capable of feeding a 1000 people. People from all the different villages bring eggs from their home to contribute in the making of the massive omelette.

Self-Cruxification and whipping – In Philippines some people practise self- cruxification and self-whipping. This scary tradition is supposed to be done to cleanse oneself and free the world from sins. Someone needs to put and end to this!

Oranges in exchange for kisses- Turns out we have one of our own crazy traditions in Britain. In the Hockside festival at Hungerford the new police constable blows the horn calling all the men to the Hockside court. Two men are selected who then parade thought the town’s streets trading oranges with women in return for kisses.

Burning Christmas trees- In Germany people burn their Christmas trees and other leftover wood from winter in spring. This is done to welcome the season of spring after a cold winter.

Written by Ashana Beria