10 Strangest Cocktails

Forget ordering your usual Cosmopolitan, Strawberry Daiquiri or (like me) Polish Martini and have a try of these weird and (maybe not so…) wonderful cocktails; as seen on Easy Living, having trawled through many-a-UK bar menu. For pre-drinks with a difference, why not give these a go? Warning: not for the faint hearted.

1. Bubble Bath Martini.

A curious mix of lychee, poppy seed, lavender-flavoured liquid and rose air give it the soapy taste of bathwater. Top it off with bubbles and a rubber duck for the full experience.

2. Bacon and Egg Martini

Yes, you heard me. Originating from the London Cocktail Club and coming soon to a student flat near you, this unique martini includes bacon-infused Jack Daniels (who knew this even existed?!), egg white, maple syrup and a dash of Angostura bitters. Complete with a garnish of bacon, I’m sure students nationwide will now be making one of these to curb their hangovers!

3. Squid Ink Sour

Another concoction from the London Cocktail Club, Cazadorez Blanco tequila, lime juice, agave syrup and egg white is mixed with the special ingredient of squid ink. Apparently, the saltiness of the squid ink combined with the sweetness of the agave syrup will “delight and confuse your taste buds” (their words, not mine).

4. Meatequita

Clearly the next big thing is combining your cocktail with your meal! The Meatequita contains chorizo-infused tequila, vegetable juice, balsamic vinegar, smoked sea salt and pepper, garnished with biltong strips (cured meat – I had to Google it) and grilled chorizo. Erm, did they just describe a drink or dinner?!

5. Dirty Pop

Hailing from Apotheca in Manchester, this cocktail contains kiwi-flavoured vodka, crème de cerise liqueur, maraschino cherries and peach puree. The supposedly ‘weird and wonderful’ thing is the sachet of popping candy served alongside it. My verdict? Alchemist has been doing this for years – just try their Bubblegum mojito!

6. Holy Smoke

Not one I’ll be trying, and not one for vegetarians; this consists of VSOP cognac infused with untreated cowhide (eww!); served with frankincense and myrrh smoke. Its presentation is pretty impressive though – served in a bottle placed in a cut-out book (probably the Bible).

7. Big Bacon

Yes, we’re back to bacon again. Good thing if you like bacon… not so good if you, well, don’t. Bacon-infused vodka, watermelon, tomato, mustard, lemon and sugar provide a very strange mix; but apparently watermelon and bacon really do work well together. Try it for yourself and then decide.

8. Basil Gimlet

This is all about the presentation. Gin, lime juice and fresh basil, served as a gelatinous ball, gently presented on a leaf. How clever.

9. Edison

100-proof grain spirit, mystery ingredients and dry ice means we’ll never know what’s in this drink. To hazard a guess, head down to Lounge Bohemia in London – served in a light bulb-shaped glass, it certainly looks intriguing.

10. Salvatore’s Legacy

OK, so not one that we’re ever really likely to drink, unless you’ve got a spare £5,500 that you don’t know what to spend on (this is the most expensive cocktail in the world). 1778 Clos de Griffier Vieux Cognac, 1770 Kummel Liquer, 1860 Dubb Orange Curacao and 1900s Angostura bitters makes up this luxurious drink, although I have to ask… even if you did have £5,500, would you really just spend it all on one glass?!

Written by Elle Pollicott