How to save money this summer

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Like it or not, the British summer is pretty much the best we’re gonna get so you need to make the most of it! You might be saving the pennies after splashing out on a Glastonbury ticket or waiting patiently for your holiday to the classy Marbella or the less classy Kavos… Or you might just be skint and avoiding the job scene in aid of a fun summer. Whatever your plans, if the money is sparse you’re going to have to plan in advance and start thinking of ways to enjoy yourself in a wallet-friendly manner. Here are a list of ways you can get out and enjoy yourself in what little sun we’ll have whilst spending practically next to nothing!


Everyone blummin’ loves a bbq. Pop down to Home Bargains or Iceland and grab a couple of disposable BBQs, head to Asda or Tescos freezer section – you’ll find big bags of frozen meat packaged up ready to just chuck on the Barbie for around £5 – the perfect price and a great combination of food. Grab some cheap bottles of wine or whichever fruity cider happens to be on offer – split the price between all of your mates, pick up some blankets and head down to the local park and enjoy yourself. The perfect all day event – create a playlist on your phone and enjoy the nice weather and some good old fashioned BBQ grub washed down with a summery cider. In my humble opinions, you can never tire of BBQs, and when we get a glimmer of sun a spontaneous Barbie is the absolutely ideal way to spend the day – and for little preparation!

Garden Party

Take your standard house party…outside. Get everyone to bring some sort of food and their own drink, put on a cheeky little spread with everyone’s goodies and enjoy a good old fashioned party outside in the sunshine. Cheap, cheerful and a damn good time! Alternatively, pop to Tesco and split some value pizzas you can pop in the oven. Pizza and alcohol is a perfect combination, and we’re sticking with the cheap theme here. Obviously you’ll need a free house or some cool parents, but again this is the sort of shindig which can go down completely impromptu! Perfect.


I’m beginning to worry that all these options include food… but don’t the best days out include a good meal? Arrange a meeting point for you and your friends, go en masse to your local supermarket and fill a trolley full of lovely picnic goodies. A sandwich each, some crisps, a fruit salad maybe – whatever tickles your fancy. And you pick a nice destination, take a football or a Frisbee or both and chill out all day. A guaranteed lovely day, catching some rays and chilling out with your pals.


This is quite an old fashioned idea… but why not go for a walk? You’re getting some light exercise, getting some lovely views and having a really good catch up with some friends. It’s free, it can take as long or as little time as you like and you’ll get a lovely tan if you go on a nice day!

Water Fight

Last but in no way least, a good old fashioned water fight. This is the opportunity to unleash your inner child whilst simultaneously looking so cool and fun that everyone around is jealous. Dig out your old toys – waterbombs, water pistols, the works. Pick your teams, wear your casual clothes and swimwear and head down to the park for what is guaranteed to be the most fun afternoon of your relatively adult years. Combine it with alcohol and you’ve got a real party on your hands! Trust me; you won’t regret this decision.