Boost your CV this summer


Having spent the last few months doing nothing but work, you may fancy a solid summer’s rest. But, after a week or two, you’ll find yourself bored stiff. The older you get, the more restless you become. Daytime TV is rubbish. Video games don’t hit the spot anymore. There’s simply not a lot to do…

There are a multitude of things you can fill your summer with – here are some of the best:


A lot of companies, big and small, hire summer help – especially restaurants, bars and shops. Seasonal employment is popular, as companies don’t have to commit to you long-term and, as business fluctuates around the year, they don’t need to pay you when you’re not needed. Check out your local establishments to see if they need any extra help. Sure, you’ll only make minimum wage, but money is money – think how much you’ve spent on beer this year… so yeah, you’re likely to need it. It will also mean that when you’re not at work, you can afford to go on days and nights out. Also, any job on your CV shows motivation, work ethic and initiative. Check out to see what’s going.


Even better for your résumé than a job, an internship will set you up with transferrable skills when you come to apply for your first full-time position. Again has a great list on what’s available. It’s also a great chance to see whether a particular career is the right fit for you, before you commit to it. You spend most of your life working, so it’s important to get it right. Top tip: make sure you hone your coffee and tea making skills to perfection before starting an internship!

Camp America (and other countries)

Camp is not really part of British culture but it’s huge in the States – parents love their kids so much that they send them away as soon as they finish the school term. It’s great news for you as it’ll pay your way to travel the “greatest country in the world”. There are roles to suit every skill set, from administrative to manual labour to niche skills (rock climbing, archery, childcare). Once camp is over, you usually have two months or so to go travel the country as you please with all the cash you’ve earned. You’ll also meet a host of new people and make some great contacts for the future. Don’t worry – it’s not like the American Pie movies (at least, I don’t think…)

Set your own project

Everyone has said it at some point in their lives – “I wish I could ‘X”’. Whatever ‘X’ is for you, student holidays are the most free time you’ll have in your life, so get on and do it. Whether it’s learning a language, computer programming (check out the hugely affordable Raspberry Pi – or taking an existing skill to a new level, set yourself a target and make a schedule to achieve it. It will give your days structure and really set you apart from other job hunters who have bland hobbies and interests on their CV.